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DigiPoems and Fatbergs Launch!

I am thrilled beyond belief to be a poet in the DigiPoems project along with Aysar Ghassan and John Bernard. Our poems have been turned into animations by Southern African artists. Coventry animator Dana Chis was also involved, collaborating with an African poet. This is a British Council/ WWM / PagePoetry/ BBCContainsStrongLanguage/ Cov21 project.

You can see the animations at the Facebook Live launch on April 29th at 6pm UK time (7pm ACT)

The artist I worked with is Tavonga Arnold Shumbanhete from Zimbabwe. If you can't wait for the 29th you can check out his collab with the poet MessanJah on Youtube:

FATBERGS LAUNCH! I am also delighted to announce that I am launching my pamphlet Fatbergs onto an unsuspecting public on the 22nd of April on Zoom. 'Fatbergs and Friends!' will also showcase the work of other Midlands poets in 10 minute sets. Confirmed are Ruth Stacey, Katy Whareham-Morris, Anthony Owen, Raef Boylan, Emilie Lauren-Jones and Aysar Ghassan. Ruth, Anthony and Katy all have new pamphlets out. Not sure about open mic yet - depends on timing, but please come armed with your own work just in case - and bring your mates. 7 30 to 9.30pm Thursday 22nd April Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 898 6551 7570


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