Myself and a team of friends exhibited for this years Spon Spun Festival and won the Visitor's Choice Award with our quirky, fun, multi-media menagerie! The exhibit was created to celebrate Moira's Wet Fish Shop which now houses the Grapevine offices.

Sponnie the mechanical fish attracted visitors along with performances of original songs and behind Sponnie a whole shoal of historical and identity inspired fish created with community members swam in Moira's window. Our team consisted of Jack and Marie from the Fab Lab, Chris Sidwell, Mary Courtney and me.

I painted a wall for this exhibition in Leicester in the Lower Gallery of Leicester Adult Ed Centre. The exhibition includes my 'Leicester at War' and 'Ned's Nukes' cartoons for Leicester CND. Ambrose Musiyiwa filmed my line of refugees and added them to this beautiful song by Mellow Baku. Enjoy! The exhibition ran from the 28th Feb to the 13th March 2018.

A project to hunt out and celebrate the creative life of the city, by groups of people driven by passion and friendship. The exhibition of images and poems can be seen in full on my Steller page and is accompanied a blog at www.uncovcult.wordpress.com . The project was funded by Coventry City Council in 2016.


An Exploration of black African, Afro-Caribbean and black British people's relationship with their hair. First ran as an exhibition for Coventry Peace Festival in 2014. The interviews and images can all be seen on my Steller page.


This was my first major exhibition, which ran at the Herbert in Coventry for around six months in 2005. It is a story about two boys and their experiences leading up to and during the Rwandan genocide.

"Thank you for creating this – it raises big issues for all of us – and accessible to all ages – and leaves you feeling hopeful.  The drawings and photographs are brilliant.  Resources and activities very good." Visitor Feedback

This exhibition was a departure for me. I was working for Coventry Peace House Education Trust and this was our response to the Allied invasion of Afghanistan. Our aim was to help people critically analyse the use of bombs, presenting them with hard facts that don't fit into the narrative of a proudly militarised nation. The posters were exhibited all over the city: in the Council House, the Chapel of Unity in Coventry Cathedral and in Community Centres. Here are images of two of the posters.