In 2019 I won the inaugural V20 Pamphlet Prize, and my pamphlet Air Show was published by Gloucestershire Poetry Society. I was invited to perform my winning poems at the Platform 2 event at the Gloucester Poetry Festival.

Airshow is about growing up and legacies. No acknowledgements were published inside, so I am publishing them here:

Thank you to Fairacre Press for publishing Wrensong and Wagtail Swagger in Diversify (see below). Thanks to Nine Arches Press for publishing Parliament of Fowls in Under the Radar. 

I also want to thank Coventry Stanza group, who advised me to turn Rocket Man from one poem into three separate poems and Aysar Ghassan, who is a brilliant reader.

The pamphlet is dedicated to my family, especially JP and Safi.

In 2017, my first collection containing poetry, short stories and urban legends was published by Silhouette Press.

The book brings together stories and experiences from living in Rwanda and those I've had since as a white woman married to a Rwandan man, raising our English/Rwandan daughter in the UK.

The Africa in my House is available from Amazon, book shops or Silhouette Press  at 


Check out my blog for reviews and an interview about the book.

Wagtail Swagger and Wrensong both feature in this fabulous anthology published in Jan 2018 by Fairacre Press edited by Nadia Kingsley.

You can buy it at


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