The Curlew: Dreaming the Wild, Signage

I am not a Silent Poet, Smoke Knife

Here Comes Everyone: The Classifies Issue, Aftermath

Stepaway Magazine, City Fox

(V20 Pamphlet 'Air Show' - see books)



Diversifly Anthology, Fairacre Press (see books), Wrensong and Wagtail Swagger

Under the Radar, Issue 20, Parliament of Fowls

Paper and Ink, Issue 13: Tales from the Barside, Colette's Bar (short story) 


Algebra of Owls, Weight

Message in a Bottle, Brothers

The Africa in my House, Silhouette Press (see books)

Two poems and the transcription of a conversation between my husband and I were published in:

'Africa, UK and Ireland

Writing Politics and Knowledge Production Vol1

Edited by Tendai Rios Mwanaka'

Other publications

I also do cartoons and design work for the Drones Campaign Network and Leicester CND, who commissioned this graphic short story to link the anniversary of WW1 to recent conflicts and promote the work of CND. The whole story can be seen on my Stellar page along with other work.


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