Publications, Commissions and Events



Fatbergs pamphlet, KFS Press (see books)

Two recorded poems in the Dresden Peace Festival

Created Cover Art for two poetry books by the fantastic Anthony Owen - Cov Kids and Phonix/Phoenix



Commissioned poem for Theatre Absolute's Humanistan Project, This Poem is for You

BBC Upload Festival, For my Husband

Sitting Rooms of Culture Video Workshop

Accepted onto Room 204, Writing West Midlands Mentoring Schem

Recorded a poem by Lizel Meuller for Bloodaxe's release of Staying Human as part of their Birmingham Lit Fest launch

Interviewed by Neil Laurensen 

Created a booklet including a graphic short story, for the Coventry Peace Orchard Project

Illustrated Matt Black's brilliant book of poetry, Sniffing Lamposts by Moonlight

Video performaces for Kenilworth Arts Festival

Here Comes Everyone Magazine, The Green Issue, Luggage

Yesterday's Diary Anthology, Fairacre Press and Sitting Rooms of Culture, Edited by Cathy Cassidy, Bee Thing

Light Anthology, Black Light Engine Driver Press, The Hoodie

FairAcre Press, 'Word Bin' blog, Slut


The Curlew: Dreaming the Wild, Signage

I am not a Silent Poet, Smoke Knife

Here Comes Everyone: The Classified Issue, Aftermath

Stepaway Magazine, City Fox

V20 Pamphlet 'Air Show'  (see books)

Two poems and the transcription of a conversation between my husband and I were published in:

'Africa, UK and Ireland

Writing Politics and Knowledge Production Vol1

Edited by Tendai Rios Mwanaka'



Diversifly Anthology, Fairacre Press (see books), Wrensong and Wagtail Swagger

Under the Radar, Issue 20, Parliament of Fowls

Paper and Ink, Issue 13: Tales from the Barside, Colette's Bar (short story) 


Algebra of Owls, Weight

Message in a Bottle, Brothers

The Africa in my House, Silhouette Press (see books)