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Blog Alert!

Since I last blogged some things have happened:

  • I had a poem published in Step Away magazine - City Fox. You can find it on

  • I got an acceptance from Here Comes Everyone for their Classified Issued - on it's way.

  • I trained as an Ask Me Ambassador for Women's Aid and I'll be using my poetry as a way of raising awareness around Domestic Abuse

  • I went to a talk about Women and Parliament

  • We went to RWANDA again to visit family and it was FANTASTIC

  • I had the chance to perform at the Positive Images Festival event at the Tin to commemorate Leanne Bridgewater.

  • I spent a wonderful Week at Frederick Bird School for Imagineer's Bridge Project and also hosted a bridge on our street. I delivered poetry and art workshops and designed and painted a mural with children which doubles as a friendship game. It was a fantastic opportunity and I'll be including it on my main website page really soon.

And something else...

I won the V20 Complete pamphlet poetry competition by Gloucestershire Poetry Society. I'm performing as a guest poet at the Platform 2 event at Gloucester Poetry Festival where I get copies of my new pamphlet 'Air Show'.

I am so happy!

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