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The #HumansOfCov commission that I created with Brian Harley for Coventry 2021 is now live!

This project was really interesting to work on. I knew immediately that I wanted to write a poem celebrating volunteering, but not shying away from the fact that it has been used as a political tool in these times of austerity and funding cuts. I feel very strongly that volunteering is a good thing, but there are valid reasons why some roles should always be paid and that volunteers deserve proper management and appreciation. I hope my passion comes out in the poem. I'm looking forward to getting this out there. Last night I saw / heard the work of some of the other poets who have been commissioned and the pieces were all brilliant. It is an important project to be involved with. #HumansOfCov celebrates the residents of my city and showcases the talents of local writers. Anyone who's heard my work knows that it is stuffed full of references to Human Rights successes and abuses. I was delighted to get this commission. Thanks to everyone involved.

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