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Hello! Hope you are all well.

Now I come to write about it, I realise this year has been really busy so far.

My book 'The Africa in my House' is now registered so book shops can easily buy it. Ask for the title at your local bookstore. It's registered via Nielsen - whatever that means.

My poem 'Parliament of Fowls' was published in the Winter Issue of 'Under the Radar' from Nine Arches Press - very prestigious!

I spent seven hours painting a queue of refugees directly onto the wall of the Lower Gallery of Leicester Adult Education Center for the 'Art of Protest' exhibition (see the 'Art' section for a film of the drawing) - it was so great to just paint, for hours. I rarely get time to do that these days.

I was very chuffed in January to have 'Wagtail Swagger' and 'Wrensong' published in the Diversifly anthology by Fairacre press. It's a lovely anthology - with diverse styles of writing and illustration, on the subject of urban birds. See this website's 'Publications' Section for details of how to buy.

I have also been writing writing writing...

My pal the amazing poet/artist Mary Courtney and I have been thinking about a big idea for Coventry's City of Culture 2021 - so exciting to be working together!!! (please check out her website too while you are online - her work is super special).

Oh and the day job with Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire has taken a turn for the interesting. I hope we get that funding...

Once again I am guilty of using far, far too many exclamation marks (I apologise deeply and profusely) and it's not even Spring yet...

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