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Brum Radio Poets!

Had a great time recording a Brum Poets Radio Show last week with James Kearns and Tina Sederholm fronted by the lovely Willis the Poet AKA Rick Sanders. The show goes out on Sunday 24th June at 11:00am on Brum Radio. Here is a jolly picture of us.

Tina's poems were very funny, relatable, clever and very quietly political. I really loved them. She's got something going on at the Edinburugh Festival - a one woman show kind of a thing. If you are going it's in a lunchtime slot somewhere - please go see it. I guarantee it'll be brilliant.

I'm pretty sure I've heard James before... his delivery is really interesting and unique and I recognised it immediately. James' poems were dense and emotional. They had a weight and poise that was refreshing to hear off the page. James is doing some interesting stuff in Birmingham, including an open mic in which people read each other's poems. I think this is an ace idea. I'll definitely be checking it out.

All three of us are really different poets and I think there's something for everyone on the show. I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to join everyone!

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